Have a Vision?

We've all been through the struggling filmmaker paradox: "I can't make a film, because I don't have enough money. But, if I make enough money, I have no time to make a film."

We want to try and be the bridge for you. We will work with you to bring your passion project out from the filing cabinet and into the world! Not, only will we extensively go through the logistics of investing, but we will find a way to make your investment as minimal as possible.

We will also introduce you to our entire team of other creatives who share the same goal. We know networking can be tough, and we want to give you a perfect platform to get you in the ring.

Need a Reel?

For an actor, director, or any type of film creative, a good reel is the best tool you have. Most producers know that what you see in the room has about a 50% chance of being what you get on set. Prove that you're the real deal!

We have three reel plans that will all give you a QUALITY end product:

#1. YOU fund the production, and WE do the rest!

All you have do to is give us a budget to use ($200 min.) and show up to set. We will write, produce, and edit a beautiful scene that industry professionals will surely take notice of.

#2. Discount on Option #1

You get a 20% discount off the ultimate budget if you write the script or bring a scene from an already existing play or movie (not recommended). This will give you a lot more work during pre-production, due to necessary rewrites.

#3. Pitch Us the Script!

If you feel like you have an ORIGINAL script that is unique and innovative enough, we'll set up a pitch meeting. If we feel like the script is worth while, we will negotiate a different funding arrangement where we will fund a majority of the production, but keep the final product, in a way, buying the script. In this, you will be getting the best reel footage we could possibly provide.

Next Steps...

Give us a shout! Quotes on our rates are available and all rates are negotiable.