Past Films & Projects

Interested in our past work? See the quality film and new media content we have produced.

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Have a Vision?

Have a script or vision you want developed? Contact us and, no matter your situation, we'll find a way to bring it to life!

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Need a Reel?

Are you an aspiring actor, writer, and/or director in need of some reel? Been there! We're willing to help you out!

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Our Goal

The goal with Shacket Films is to bring visionary storytelling to life. We emphasize the importance of quality over short-term ways to make profit. We want to give opportunity to all of the small indie filmmakers who wouldn't receive it otherwise, due to safe, "quick-cash" schemes lots of production companies work by.

“Bold bets pay for a lot of failures." - Jeff Bezos

We see risks as potential for innovation. We would like to not create art for the sake of business, nor make a business for the sake of art, but make a business that supports the art, that will in turn support the business.

This means we value ORIGINAL ideas. Things that will push the needle forward. Things that can be spread more effectively by word-of-mouth, than by million dollar marketing schemes.

We are looking towards the future while glancing at the past.

The next generation of film is on its way!