Our Story

At our heart, we're just storytellers. Plain and simple. People who want to play our little, insignificant role in society to the best of our abilities. Our goal has never been to "make a living" doing what we love. We do what we love, because we love what we do.

We want to entertain the world with the stories we tell through the medium of film. We want people of all nationalities, genders, and orientations to sit down and forget about the hardships of their lives. We want to speak directly to that young boy or girl who spends every weekend down at the local movie theater, spending all their hard earned allowance, just to escape the world they might feel trapped in...

Just like others did for us.

Michael Shacket

Founder & Producer

From growing up making movies on a camcorder to moving to Los Angeles with dreams of breaking into the the film industry, Michael has always had an intense passion for storytelling and a drive to entertain through film.